These are a few of my favourite things!!!

An alternate title for this post would be ‘best practices on how to overdeliver on an event’.

I’ve just returned from The Vancouver International Writers Festival at (or on?) Granville Island.

As if the opportunity to see over 100 writers were not enough, they slipped food into the mix.

So not only were participants able to deke over to the Public Market for mini perogies, Indian grub, and the best caramel macchiatos I have enjoyed in a while… food was featured at some of the actual sessions, included in the ticket price.

The first surprise came at 11am today, at the sold-out event called The Sunday Brunch. Among the writers reading from their works were Graeme Gibson, Linden Macintyre, and Susan Musgrave. The blurb mentioned only croissants and champage. We were instead presented with the delight below. Along with the croissants and sweet bread at the bottom tier, we were treated to pate, smoked salmon spread, mimosas, clotted cream and jam, fruit, and chocolates.


A few hours later, we were hit with the second feed, called The Afternoon Tea. This session featured six more authors, among them Lorna Crozier and Bill Gaston. The blurb suggested that we would only be drinking tea as we listened. Instead, we were presented with this:

Here we have currant scones, shortbread, mini cupcakes, etc.

Who would like to join me next year?

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